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We are a part of a Dubai, UAE Based Emirati Law Firm, dedicated to delivering legal services as a Full-Service Law Firm, in Dubai and all the Emirates of United Arab Emirates. We are affiliated/connected and attached only with a Law Firm that is hiring UAE’s Best Legal Staff, Legal Consultants as well as Paralegal Staff. Quick Meetings, Back-to-Back Consultations, 24/7 support and result producing smart planning approach provide us with a place that is not enjoyed by anyone in UAE. A prestigious Law Office, which is owned by the most senior team of Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants, offering services in Dubai and all over the United Arab Emirates. We offer a wide variety of legal services including;

  • Legal Advice/Legal Counselling
  • Mediation Services outside the Court/Amicable Settlements
  • Court Representations/Court Cases Management
  • Arbitration
  • Financial Recoveries/Debt Recoveries
  • Documentations, Review of Contracts etc
  • Annual Retainer ships

Our connected Law Firm is a Full-Service Law Firm indeed. Law Firm provides Legal Advice and Support for all types of legal cases, legal disputes and complex legal matters e.g. Personal Status Cases, Real Estate Cases, Civil and Business Disputes Cases, Criminal Cases, Labour and Employment Cases, Cyber Crime Cases and more. We can assure you that we do provide the best legal consultation and court case services through one of the best Emirati Attorneys and Legal Consultants. We have amazing quick support and response service facility. Our team respond to an inquiry, respond to a prospect in less than a minute and provide them free initial support. If required then we do setup legal consultation and meeting sessions to discuss the legal solution including case strategy, documentation, legal action required, budgeting, fee structure and possible outcome of the results.


Legal Counselling and Documentation

New Business Setups, Main Land Companies, Free Zone Companies, MOA, MOU, Drafting Labour Contracts, Internal Contracts


Legal Services

Business Consultation, Business Legal Disputes Management, Annual Retainer ships



Arbitration Services, managing the Cases in Arbitration then in Courts

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

henry ward beecher


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We are Emirati Dubai Lawyers and Legal Consultants. We have served Key and major businesses in UAE as well as employees from senior and major positions. Therefore, we have a trusted name in the market and people/companies trust us and prefer us over others. When it comes to finding Dubai Lawyers or in other Emirates of UAE, then we are trusted and preferred.


We are the most trusted Law Firm and team of Lawyers


Our Lawyers are practicing for more than 15 Years.


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